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    Perilous Journey #2: Great Island [Colonial Gothic]

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    Perilous Journey #2: Great Island [Colonial Gothic]
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    Perilous Journey #2: Great Island [Colonial Gothic]
    Publisher: Mystical Throne Entertainment
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 04/08/2014 09:55:45

    The adventure continues (from Perilous Journey #1: Portsmouth) with the characters now embedded into the Portsmouth scene and occult society, and beginning to explore... this one takes them to certain isolated houses on Great Island where it is said demonic activities take place, with a range of spooky incidents for them to deal with.

    As with the previous adventure, there is a lot going on but presented in a loose style that enables the party to engage with the plot in pretty much any way that they please. Information gathering as well as sheer intestinal fortitude in the face of ghostly and demonic manifestations will be required of the party, and there's a lot crammed into these pages. There is a mystery to be pieced together: this may be done by classic investigation or the use of appropriate spells... and it will help if the party finds a certain map to aid them in their investigations. Indeed, the map is quite pivotal so the GM will do well to ensure that it comes into their hands.

    As the party gets deeper into the occult scene, they will meet some interesting individuals, and some of these are described here, along with their areas of interest and how they can be of help.

    For those who would like a 'side campaign' to run alongside the main thrust of the adventure path, notes are provided here for one called Dark Magic. This provides various side missions that the characters can undertake to aid one of the occult researchers introduced above, and which could lead to them becoming warlocks themselves if so inclined.

    There is a section on adversaries, both human and of the spirit world, and an account of the historical Great Island. This last is deemed 'player-friendly' and may be shared with the players as background information without giving anything plot-related away. There's a delightful period map to help you picture the place (and you may wish to hunt it up on Google maps as well)

    Finally there are a few new spells that characters might learn, and the rules on Corruption are repeated for reference purposes. There's also a few new skill emphases, many of which could be useful either as a means of earning one's living or in furthering investigations.

    All in all, a good continuation of the existing plotline, and the introduction of a 'side campaign' - which, of course, could become the main thrust of the adventure if that's what you'd prefer. If you like Colonial Gothic and are interested in the occult side of things, this is definitely one to watch!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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