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    Iron Bay Megatropolis $8.50
    Average Rating:4.4 / 5
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    Iron Bay Megatropolis
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    Iron Bay Megatropolis
    Publisher: Louis E Danhoff - AHC
    by David S. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 05/09/2014 10:52:10

    A solid addition to any ICONS collection! IBM includes the standard fare of superhero-city material. Don't expect to be blown away- it's a city. But if you are looking for a city to base your supers campaign in, IBM will do the trick- no problem. I would only add that I wish there had been a few adventure hooks included, but the narrative included in the back of the pdf will get any competent GMs creative juices flowing. Additionally, the included heroes and villains are a welcome addition. For the price, its a no-brainer!

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
    Iron Bay Megatropolis
    Publisher: Louis E Danhoff - AHC
    by andrew b. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 05/07/2014 14:09:09

    I have been dying for some new ICONS material. So I had to snatch up this newest addition. I rated this as a 3/5, but to me this is a good rating. It means you are getting what you paid for... though it didnt really blow up my skirt or anything.

    Im going to start with what I like about this product. The setting is interesting. If you want an original superhero setting which doesnt feel like the West Coast or some kind of Metropolis/Gothum City/New York mixture then this product will work well for you. It gives a detailed lay out of the city including story hooks, set pieces, institutions, a very nice map, etc. It has a lot of homage characters like a Lois Lane-type, a Black Widow-type, a couple of Captain America-types, even a Nick Fury-type without an eyepatch. The last one even comes with a tricked out 'spy hunter' style car. They pack a lot into these 80 pages or so.

    Now Ill talk about what I didnt like about this product. The art work was kind of graining or scribbly. This isnt bad, I got the general idea of what the character looked like and such, but a little more artistic 'shabang' and a bit of editing would go a long way towards another point on the scale.

    Another complaint of mine is that the setting felt so 'classical'. Most ICONS products have a slick Silver Age style. My own personal style is more Bronze or functional. Like in the various comic book movies, the costumes are usually more functional and darker colored. Usually with a matching trench coat. Some of the villians felt like they would fit into my campaign. Iron Bay uses costume styles of the Golden Age. Costumes are colorful and garish with split color schemes. This is a minor gripe, at most.

    I would have to say the ICONS mechanics felt... splattered together. This book was first released in MM3rd... so much can be lost in translation, I guess. ICONS is about elegance. Why have fifty points on a character sheet to track down when maybe less then a dozen would work? Minimalism is the key word with determination and stunts used for wiggle room. ICONS is dynamic... more about the rp process then using an extensive list of lists to keep track of everything. Im not sure the writer understands this and just used a table or two to convert retooled D&D into a FATE/FASERIP hybrid. For example, every Specialty doesnt need to be Expert level. The Abilities are designed as skill conglomerations. For example... one doesnt need a Listen skill to listen... they just roll Awareness. So if half the characters has over a dozen Expert level Specialties, then the Abilities arent doing what they are supposed to. Also odd notes were included on some characters which could have easily been reflected as Qualities or Challenges.

    Take heart. This is the first converted supplement for this product line. It is my hope they work out a bit more on general delivery and illustrations as well as nailing down the ICONS system a bit more. I have faith and will buy more of thier ICONS products. Even if they dont improve, they give enough to cover what they promise. So either way I feel AHC is a safe bet.

    My last note is more for RPGNow. This product is not listed under Rule System ICONS. I scan this site weekly for the newest ICONS releases. I would hate for someone else out there who is jonesing for new ICONS products who didnt happen to click on this product might miss it. Some customers who are looking for exactly this product arent able find it unless you can straighten this out. That would be a loss for everyone involved.

    Thanks for reading this rather long review. I hope AHC comes out with more ICONS products which are well tagged and make them money. ICONS is a wonderfully simple and functional system. I hope they release more material for it. I promise to voraciously buy anything they put out. Peace.

    [3 of 5 Stars!]
    Iron Bay Megatropolis
    Publisher: Louis E Danhoff - AHC
    by Sky C. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 05/06/2014 10:09:50

    Louis Danhoff with AHC Studios has created the Amazing world of Iron Bay Megatropolis! Iron Bay Megatropolis sets a standard of how RPG modules should be created with storyline, continuity, and an astonishing 3D Map that has to be seen to believed! Bring your campaign world alive with Iron Bay Megatropolis!!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Iron Bay Megatropolis
    Publisher: Louis E Danhoff - AHC
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 05/06/2014 09:34:14

    All superheroes need a ‘patch’ to patrol and protect, so here is a new place for your ‘heroes to call their home. It’s located in Virginia – a change from the spate of west coast settings for superhero games, yet not quite the Gotham City/New York style metropolis either.

    Beginning with a detailed history which mixes real history with fictional events well, we learn a lot about this new home. The occasional typo sneaks in, nothing that a thorough proofread would not have caught, but otherwise it is comprehensive and well written, with not only the history but major corporations and a very detailed education system being covered as well.

    Now I initially got confused with the Table of Contents and page numbers (it only seemed to go up to page 9 in an 80-odd page book…) but this is due to the final work being several documents stitched together, each with their own Table of Contents – again something easily corrected with a good editorial eye being cast over it all before publication.

    The next section looks at Megatropolis, a completely fictional addition to the area (earlier bits having at least some roots in the real world). Again well described, this has more of the feel of the ‘traditional’ setting for a superhero game. As befitting such a massive conurbation, the write-up is replete with details of companies, municipal authorities (including a police department struggling a bit with metahuman perps) – even an innovative tailor store chain (now, do they just do business suits or can their tailors run up a nifty little number in spandex?) and restaurants… and of course a major newspaper. Sports fans can follow the Megatropolis Knights football team, whilst the more active can train at Martial Arts Mayhem, a massive dojo complex.

    Flavour is provided by well-chosen photos, plenty of original graphics and even a column by the major newspaper’s lead op-ed columnist. This is followed by a selection of notable residents (including said columnist) written up in detail for use as NPCs, including ICONS stat blocks. Most of these are the local superheroes, people well embedded into the setting. You may have them around to interact with the party, or you may choose to play them if you like characters who are really part of the environment in which they operate.

    Finally, what is promised as a story idea is actually a piece of fiction - you'll have to pick through it and extract what you want to turn into a plot for your game. A separate document in the download provides a comprehensive map of the city.

    Overall, this has the potential to be an interesting setting. The way in which several superheroes have been embedded into it is good and provides a fair few ideas for things that might be going on in town.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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