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    Delver's Digest - Of Mycorrhizae, Addled Mere & Deigma Pay What You Want
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    Delver\'s Digest - Of Mycorrhizae, Addled Mere & Deigma
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    Delver's Digest - Of Mycorrhizae, Addled Mere & Deigma
    Publisher: Polycosm Publishing
    by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 08/01/2014 10:18:11

    Are you looking for something truly weird yet oddly plausible to use as a location, background, environment for a game - be it fantasy (for this is fantastical) or perhaps in some distant science-fiction planet - then this is worth a look.

    A whimsical analysis of what is a real-world association of fungus and flowering plant - mycorrhiza - leads to speculation about forest-spanning webs of interaction, and presents a strange land to explore, the Addled Mere, repleat with strange wildlife and formations.

    Wilder speculations too. Some are almost incomprehensible, and could be used verbatim as the mutterings of a deranged sage - perhaps the characters can interpret what he's saying or they may too leave baffled and unknowing. Perhaps there's a place in your world for the magical analysis of patterns, or geometry that bends reality (and downright breaks the rules laid down by Euclid!). Or maybe this is better as speculation in the more extreme reaches of a magical university... but it all sounds good. And plausible.

    Some fun to be had, this work describes itself as 'weird, abstracted gaming material themed with real world reflections and presented as if a publication for local dabblers in exotic cosmologies and seekers after adventure' and that about sums it up. Such things can be amusing to throw out... I recall baffling players by having an NPC chant the words to the Pink Floyd song Chapter 24... they never did figure out what he was on about! Have fun with this one too.

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
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