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Savage Insider, V2I2, Taking Action $4.49
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Savage Insider, V2I2, Taking Action
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Savage Insider, V2I2, Taking Action
Publisher: Obatron Productions
by Jason B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/12/2015 16:48:35

I really enjoyed the first issue of Volume 2, but was willing to take a star away from my review after putting on my uber-critical hat. I made lavish demands and threatened military instability throughout the region!

I am proud to report that every last nit-pick I was able to come up for the first-issue of the volume (not counting changing the company name to make it easier for me to remember) has been actively addressed in this last-issue of the volume. The layout on my tablet looks just as good as on desktop (whether that was an intentional change or just happened to work out) and, more importantly, I think the balance between GM and Player is very equitable this time around. There are now multiple somethings for everyone in this issue. My fifth star has been gladly restored.

It took a little struggling to come up with something else I'd like to see new or changed, but finally happened to stumble on one as I re-read the issue with an eye toward leaving this review... The convention listing seemed to be about a month "behind" where I'd expect. I believe that may have been the result of publishing a little behind intention, but with the plans for Volume 3's releases I'd like to see the listing of the "current month's" event (including those that may have already come and gone in the few weeks before publication) plus the next three months' worth (so that the listings will overlap each other on a quarterly release schedule, resulting in a lower percentage of "stale" listings for those who purchase shortly after publication). It's a little bit of a stretch, and certainly doesn't impact my opinion of the overall content of the issue, but I have to be picky about something!

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