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The Dark West
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The Dark West
Publisher: Micro RPG
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/19/2018 11:33:22

There I were, having just spent two and a half days in Tombstone AZ, soaking up some the awesome western history there , when I started having nostalgic memories of playing Boothill 2nd ed. back in the eighties ... This kicked off a day long search and review hunt on all available western themed Rpgs, I came across the Dark West rpg here on this site and downloaded it , and read thru it in one sitting and I completely grasped and new how to play it just from one reading, this is now my go to western Rpg ! I liked it so much i signed back in and repurchased it with money this time for the authors efforts . I will briefly list its features ; Three methods of resoloution , Dice , simple cards , and slightly more involved cards .. im really liking what im calling here "simple cards. Character gen is very easy , and quick , yet still has some old school crunch to it . Good selection of weapons , clothing , and gear as well as mounts and things common to the era. Sytem for weapons and combat is what i call easy crunchy , and i can add any other weapon types to it with no muss or fuss. detailed and varied enemies and npcs lists , with room for the supernatatural if so desired . A progression system for attributes as well .... so here I am now very happy with this game system , and im downloading Barbarians of the gothic waste as well as its the same author and system that ive already been charmed by. Hoping to see more of these Micro RPG games ! Thank you !

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Creator Reply:
I really appreciate the review and support. It's been a minute since I've written one of these Micro RPGs, but I'm happy to say I'm working on a new one. I'd considered updating the system, but after seeing how much you enjoyed it, I will be keeping it the same. Again, thank you, thank you, for the kind words.
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