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Frontier Expanded: 5e Campaign Setting $10.00
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Frontier Expanded: 5e Campaign Setting
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Frontier Expanded: 5e Campaign Setting
Publisher: BTD Press
by Ben N. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/16/2018 04:46:24

i really enjoyed this one i love the genre, i find it allows me to use a simple accessable system to bring stories into focus. I have plenty of source material and converted some of the elements of the original boothill tsr products to it, stealing plots from old western novels is really easy work as so few actually gamers seem to have explored them.Using 5th ed means i can bring fantasy gamers into the action without learning a new system and it allows character progression in a measured way, this book allows you to replicate aspects of D&D race class levels even dungeon crawls but widen the scope to allow more diplomacy, or weird stuff like cattle drives or elections etc. Dont be too tturned off by race yes we are all human its really just a way to add variation to the theme but could be easily left out if it doesnt fit your needs.

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