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    Classic Fantasy - TDM500
    Average Rating:4.7 / 5
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    Classic Fantasy - TDM500
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    Classic Fantasy - TDM500
    Publisher: Design Mechanism
    by Michael D. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 08/07/2020 10:32:02

    For decades, Fantasy RPG's were dominated by... the game that shall not be named. This presented a problem for those of us who first tasted a fantasy game that was a little more... gritty... as in ACTUALLY gritty... not based on the setting, or on the... aviance... no... a game where your MIGHTY WARRIOR can literally be killed with a single assassin's blow. Where your MIGHTY WIZARD still fears a dagger in the spleen, and your MOST EXCELLENT HIGH HOLINESS CLERIC might get his throat cut by an unscrupulous rival.

    Well, here is Classic Fantasy, translated to Rune... right, can't say that... to FRP. Same crunchy bits, same devious foes... but now, you hold in your hands the translation from the... game that shall not be named... to a more RQ... BRP... or Mythras.

    You will never be SO high a level, that the dagger in the dark is not a threat... your Warriors, Wizards, Paladins, etc... will have to rely on their skills, their wits, and ultimately, their own abilities.

    Like RQ... you have your backgrounds: Barbarian, Civilized, Nomadic and Primitive. If you choose another race (other than human), you will choose your Racial background. Half Orcs and Half Elves can choose either their Demi Human parent's background, or their Human parent's background.

    Then choose your class. Keep in mind that this is an RQ/BRP system... so though the usual complexity of the magic system isn't here, you still must put points into the requisite skills to cast spells (for Magic Users: Arcane Casting and Arcane Knowledge, for Clerics: Channel and Piety). You'll recognize the classic classes from the 1st edition of the.... the game that shall not be named. But here is the difference... YOU define your character's skills, etc... based on what you select. If you choose a fighter, are you a Melee fighter, or more of a ranged fighter... are you a Fighting Cleric, or more of a Medic type? You are provided a standard set of skills, then you take your skill points and build from there.

    Now... Rank. Rank is like level, the only difference is: Rank is defined in words, skill points, etc... the equivalent of a 1-4th level character is called a Fresh character... then comes Low Level, Mid Level, High Level and Epic... each with a range of "levels" per the old system.

    Magic. All the classic spells are here. Those who can use Magic or Clerical Magic use Magic points to cast.

    So... this is a translation from BRP to Classic RPG's.

    If you've ever wanted to translate your classic high level character to a BRP type... this is your guide. All in all, a tremendous effort that really brings the OTHER game, to a BRP style game.

    Oh... and don't mess with dragons... in Classic... they are fearsome creatures that will SERIOUSLY eat you for lunch...

    This is Heroic Fantasy without the classic "damage sponging."

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Classic Fantasy - TDM500
    Publisher: Design Mechanism
    by Ian F. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 05/04/2017 05:43:17

    Classic Fantasy will take your d100 games and allow you to turn them into a D&D inspired game, but you will continue to feel as if you're playing d100/brp games. Built as an overlay for the Mythras system (the updated Runequest 6), Classic Fantasy has replaced the Cultures and Careers with Races and Classes, though humans maintain the classic Barbarian/City/Nomad/Primitive mix. In terms of complexity, there is a new layer of play that is added upon Mythras, but for those either transitioning from D&D to BRP games, or for those looking to recapture some of the fun of those style of games, many of these features will feel familiar and sensible. The magic systems have been completely reworked as well, and there's an updated bestiary and treasure guide in the book. It reads nicely, and has elements of the fantasy "Greymoor" setting included in the book. An expansion book has been released that details later level play, and opens the scope. I have run an entire campaign with this book (and Mythras) only.

    This book feels not only like a rules toolkit, but a loving homage to masters Moldvay, Gygax, Arneson and others.

    Fair disclosure, I have done some writing for this system, not published at the time of this writing, but was neither asked nor encourage to review this product.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Classic Fantasy - TDM500
    Publisher: Design Mechanism
    by Steve P. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 06/22/2016 12:05:33

    At first glance this work would seem to be just another addition to the growing number of games that seek to recapture the magic of the first wave of Table top RPGs while fixing the frustrating inconsistencies and rules that just didn’t feel right. The author is very clear about this in his blurb, and true to his word there is plenty to ring the bells of fond memory for those whose memories go back that far. However, there is more to this book than just another re-write of early D&D. This is a keenly honed, well-crafted, thoroughly considered work whose individual parts are as worthy of attention as the collected whole. The inspiration for this work is clearly D&D, in all of its iterations from the very start to second edition. It is not a slavish re-write, instead it cherry picks flavourful ideas and throws them liberally into the mix. Cavaliers and thief acrobats make their return from the obscurity of 1st Edition AD&D supplements, while Bards and specialist Magic Users (note Magic Users, not wizards) come from the more familiar 2nd Edition and Baldur’s Gate. Classic monsters and spells are also included, sometimes but not always renamed. Most of the old races and classes are there, ready for pre-loved characters from decades ago to breathe new life and seek out new glory. While the outward appearance is that of vintage D&D, this is a supplement for Mythras/RQ6. All the mechanics of play are drawn from the host rules except for a few tweaks and clarifications. And it works well. Mythras does what it does best; combat that is not too far removed from real experience, skills that are open to everyone to learn and master, internally consistent mechanics that can both universal in approach but specific in detail. Classic Fantasy provides the familiar simple to identify heroic architypes and tropes that let you have a bit of not to serious honest fun. There are also some useful ideas that can be cribbed for any 1d100/ BRP games. There are spot rules that can be lifted to replace or extend existing rules. There are rules for miniatures and/or playing on a square grid. There are new monsters, which are always welcome, and supporting wandering monster tables. There is a chapter on loot and magic items which is also welcome. There is a settings chapter with an interesting take on how to approach deities in a pantheon. It is fair to say that these are not the complete set of rules, the GM should really have a copy of Mythras/RQ6. Also the are places where it does feel a bit thin, for example more spells would be handy but it’s a very fair price for what you get. There is promise of another supplement and there is plenty there to get you going and give you enough of an idea of how you may go about adapting and incorporating anything you feel is badly missing. If it has piqued your interest enough to have read this far then it is certainly worth a look.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Classic Fantasy - TDM500
    Publisher: Design Mechanism
    by Brian P. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 04/20/2016 10:20:46

    I'm definitely an old-school gamer from the late 70s early 80s, and a nostalgic one at that. While I moved on from D&D a long time ago to explore different game systems, RuneQuest has always held a special place in my heart. Now called Mythras, this system is flexible yet crunchy, and allows for a wide variety of player and GM inventiveness and imagination.

    Classic Fantasy satiates my nostalgia for the old days of fighting orcs and kobolds, whether in a dungeon or a town invasion, but updates it to the modern Mythras system. I've already pulled out some items for my current game, and will probably run a full Classic Fantasy game in the near future. This is a solid book, chock-full of goodies, and if you're not a D&D player, it makes access to that world very easy for you.

    Another solid supplement from The Design Mechanism and highly recommended!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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