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(Collection) Favorites Bundle $19.95 $9.98
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(Collection) Favorites Bundle
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(Collection) Favorites Bundle
Publisher: Creative Mountain Games
by Keith K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/07/2011 15:41:16

This bundle contains nine items, all tied to CMG's Toeffrun setting. Some were quite good, others not so much. The most useful is the adventure, which is well written, and can be inserted fairly easily into other campaigns. The CMG PROSE system for NPCs is rather useful, it provides more detail to the NPC's personality and makes running the game easier. The Jalstown Locus (guide to the city from the players perspective) is also useful, especially as a backdrop to the adventure. The other items, however, appear less useful. The Toeffrun creation myth is very campaign specific; unless you plan to use the Toeffrun setting it is of little use. The 2 NPC classes, the country cleric and the Trundlefolk seem rather redundant. The county cleric is essentially the same as the adept from the 3.5 DMG. The Trundlefolk are an interesting people; they seem to be loosely modeled on the Gypsy (Romani) peoples - but the supplement is too short, and does not provide suggestions for integrating the people into a campaign world (perhaps another supplement on Toeffrun does this, but it should be here too). I'm not a big fan of random name generators or random description generators in general. This said, the "Lexus - Unlimited Titles IV" and the "Lexus - Dwellings Vol 1" failed to impress me, they seemed rather par for the course in generating bland titles for books or a bland description of a room.

+: Good adventure, well developed town.

-: Other products in bundle were of little use

Overall it was a good dealt for the sale price of a dollar, though would be hesitant to pay the full $20 for it.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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