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    A Field Guide to Fantastic Flora $4.99
    Average Rating:4.3 / 5
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    A Field Guide to Fantastic Flora
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    A Field Guide to Fantastic Flora
    Publisher: Pink Dice Bag Publishing
    by Kat W. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 12/07/2017 05:56:51

    In the campaign that I just started one of my players wanted to try out the alchemiest class from 2.0. I love experimenting with different classes so I was really excited. I also like to add a lot of personal stuff to my games so we went looking for some suppliments for alchemists. My player actually found this one and sent the link over to me.

    I love this book! The plants are arranged in to different types so there are flowers, herbs, trees, fruit, mushrooms and vegetables. As the other reviewer mentioned there isn't any artwork but it didn't really bother me because the descriptions are clear. The best part how different all the entries are. Some of the plants are food with interesting effects that would be enjoyed by the average person and some are these epic magic things that would be great for a plot hook. The style is also a selling point for me because it's written like someone jotted down notes as they were looking at the plants. Like I said at the begining, I love this book.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    A Field Guide to Fantastic Flora
    Publisher: Pink Dice Bag Publishing
    by Andrew J. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 06/16/2017 06:38:59

    I was disappointed that this book didn't have any artwork whatsoever. It contains 40 different types of plants, each of which gets a block of descriptive text and info on its in-game use/fantastical property. The book is also not very printer-friendly; the cover is what you see in the product image - a greyish leather-like texture - while the pages are all have a heavy-color tea-stained appearance. A lighter colored page would have been nicer, and would help the print stand out better, since it is fairly pale. Don't get me wrong, though, it is not difficult to read or to see the print, just lacking in the contrast department.

    The positives for the book, though, are that there aren't many - if any - other botanist-style books like this out there. In my games (I GM pathfinder), I like to incorporate a wide range of different plants, materials, and potential alchemical ingredients, so I am greatful for a new spread of 40 plants. I also like that when I say "plants", I don't just mean herbs and scrubs. The 40 plants are divided between fruits, herbs, trees, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms, so it is a nice mix. The plants are also climate-specific so you don't have to think about environmental continuity. (To make things easy, I actually use climate and terrain-based tables that I roll on when one of my players decides to pay attention to the local flora during their travels.)

    [3 of 5 Stars!]
    Creator Reply:
    Thank you so much for your purchase and feedback. Regarding the issues printing, first, I'd like apologize for the difficulty and thank you bring it to my attention. Printing contrast is definitely something I'll be considering more heavily in future publications. Second, I'd be happy to provide you with an alternate copy with more contrast or even with the background removed. If you're interested please send an email to thepinkdicebag@gmail.com with "Field Guide" in the header and we'll get things situated. Sincerely, Rowan Pink Dice Bag Publishing
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