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CAH:S3 -- The Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos $14.95
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CAH:S3 -- The Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos
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CAH:S3 -- The Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos
Publisher: Spectrum Games
by Bryan B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/04/2017 20:11:26

Well here is a little review for Warriors of the Cosmos book. It creates a setting/series that is playable for Cartoon Action Hour 3rd edition. It simulates a cartoon series that lasted 6 seasons along with the failed movie and failed girl focused spin off series.

Also note I do have link to the company behind book and friend to people who produce it so I mite be a bit biased in this review.

First thing off I do think this is the most interesting series book to date. it really startles the line between rpg book and feeling like a book for popular cartoon series. It does capture the feel with the interviews with production staff, the bits of history and gossip and well the treating vehicles and bases as actual toys verses describing just the places to adventure in. The one aspect I would have changed in that case would have a few more episode summaries (adventure seeds) placed in the seasons they happen. Currently they are in GM Section of the book. This makes sense from rpg point of view, but breaks a bit on simulating being a TV series.

Though a better description of the book should be given. It starts with introduction and gives "backstory" on how the series was created. It then gives a broad view of the world and then does chapter for all 6 seasons plus characters for each season. Beyond that we get description of an un-produced movie, spin off and more modern reboot series aimed at teen and adults. It then has player section with new random character creation and GM section on handle series, advice on making series Gm own and episode (adventure) seeds plus one adventure.

This produces both one of the longest CAH series book, but also one that should be ready to play out of the book. Though admittedly there is a lot of meta-fiction in the book that not everyone will like or use. I personally enjoy this type of meta-fiction.

As I said what really stands out in this product is bringing series to life with both good and bad decisions and elements that make if feel more like real cartoon. Also I had fun with Cynthia throwing in characters based around stuff she likes including female Judge Dread and character based on movie Manos: Hands of Fate. This all mixed together creates an interesting book I highly recommend.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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