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    The Traveller Bibliography $14.99
    Average Rating:5.0 / 5
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    The Traveller Bibliography
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    The Traveller Bibliography
    Publisher: BITS
    by Richard T. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 12/29/2017 13:41:58

    I don't know where to start. It's so big and full of...

    337 pages of Traveller Bibliography...it's a reference document for all Things Traveller.

    Luckily the author, long time Traveller Chief Librarian Timothy Collinson, has done a chapter which is helpfully entitled Where to Begin...

    Author of previous reference pieces and long contributor to Freelance Traveller, it is clear Timothy had made this a personal mission. I'll confess I am not a big Traveller collector but reading through the entries I find myself seeking out new frontiers. boldly going where...sorry...basically all I can say is my interest in piqued on supplements I never thought of buying. This is down to the addtional commentary from the author, which brings this book above the level of a simple reference tome.

    I won't be printing it out anytime soon as at 337 pages, my poor HP Deskjet might space itself, but as a PDF guide to all the core rules and supplements ever produced it's invaluable.

    Having checked a few entries I can say it seems very concise, it clearly covers the primary authors of every book and pdf I think I have seen for sale. I'll update this review in three months once I have a better handle on the content.

    I think for $15 (£11.14 GBP) it's a well worth purchase for most Traveller collectors and fans. Time will tell but I wholeheartedly recommend this just for the value of having everything in one place. You'll find me on eBay seeking out even more DGP supplements I never knew existed. That'll be another kidney gone then...

    Keep the Flame

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