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    Castles & Crusades -- Tome of the Unclean $29.99 $20.00
    Average Rating:4.2 / 5
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    Castles & Crusades -- Tome of the Unclean
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    Castles & Crusades -- Tome of the Unclean
    Publisher: Troll Lord Games
    by Eric F. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 04/14/2020 13:28:36

    "Beyond the darkness and beyond all sense lies a gulf of empty fear where true evil lurks.

    Born with twisted thought, tainted with stains of malice, they are creatures foul and bent. They dwell in the darkness of time's caverns, in the Abyss, in Hell, in those Wretched Planes of shadow and evil, loss and despair. The echo of the unknown drives them from darkness toward the light. Some few seek salvation, but others to drive the souls of mortals to ultimate darkness and corruption.

    Tome of the Unclean unleashes all of the power and horror of these wretched planes upon your Castles & Crusades game! From the Lords of the Abyss, to the Legions of Hell, and through to the gray wastes of Gehenna, a host of devils, demons, and daemons await your table!

    Tome of the Unclean includes all of the familiar denizens of the darker planes. Here you will find Demogorgon and Orcus; Asmodeus, Bael, and Mammon, plus legions of others. All of the major and minor demons, greater and lesser devils, and a veritable host of creatures from your players' worst nightmares await within these pages."

    A week or so ago I ordered a copy of Castles & Crusades's Tome of the Unclean. Let me first point out that this supplement is meant for Castles & Crusades exclusively. While Castles & Crusades's Tome of the Unclean can be used with other OSR systems its meant exclusively for C&C or other Siege engine rpg systems. This book does exactly what I was looking for, it adds in a plethora of Demons, Devils, & even appendixes on adding in undead, hellish fauna, & flora. But Tome of the Unclean is geared for Aihrde, the default C&C campaign setting. I'm good with this. This seems to bother a lot of members of the OSR & but not me in particular. I'm a completest & so Tome of the Unclean has been on my Troll Lords radar for a long time. My feeling is that I'd love to put together an OSR game campaign centered around my version of the Hells as the major antagonistic force of darkness. Since the C&C Player's Guide is being offered for free I figured it was a great time to get in on the action.

    I gotta say that despite reviews like this from Tim O; "C&C is my go to game, but I must say I'm very disappointed in this one. I was really looking forward to the official versions, but the expected improvements to the "big baddies" did not happen. In my opinion all the major demons and devils are under powered as far as hit points and magical abilities go; even the "standard" abilities of both groups seem weak and incomplete." Sigh.. I didn't particularly find this at all. In point of fact I think that all of the infernal deviants of Tome of the Unclean work very well for me. I wasn't looking for a huge push in abilities,powers,etc. in the way of the 'munchkin factor'. Instead I'm looking for an infernal book that lines up with other Siege Engine & OSR products. So if I want a demon, devil, etc. I can grab this book off of the shelf & pop one of these horrors into my games. Tome of the Unclean is that book. It does it job & its up to the quality of other Troll Lords products. I bought it with my own pocket money & paid well for Tome of the Unclean. That should tell you everything right there. I'm very happy with Castles & Crusades's Tome of the Unclean.

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    [4 of 5 Stars!]
    Castles & Crusades -- Tome of the Unclean
    Publisher: Troll Lord Games
    by Ken S. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 07/23/2019 00:43:50

    I soured on C&C awhile ago and actually forgot I had kickstarted this. So when it came out of the blue a few months ago, I just put it on the shelf. In the past week I finally decided to check it out and the verdict is pretty underwhelming. Sure, there are lots of demons, devils and other denizens of the Underworld. And it did come with a nifty color map that I'll definitely make use of. But the monsters themselves are just okay. They attempt to alter most of the old D&D creatures somewhat, including demon lords and arch devils, but most of the alterations aren't really improvements. A handful of the new ones are cool enough that I'll work them into my own version of the Infernus. Unfortunately the entries tend to be way too long and all the stuff about them in Aihrde, the default C&C campaign setting, is pretty much boring fluff. Frankly, that setting has never been particularly interesting to me. Others may like it, I suppose. C&C's usual spotty editing is on full display here as well. The artwork, like that of most C&C products, is not particularly good. It's not even really old school, but comes off as blurry or half finished much of the time. And a good portion of it is recycled from other books. I will still use this for my Labyrinth Lord games, but it's not really a must own, unless you really want a few new demons and devils, or want to mix them up a bit to challenge your players.

    [3 of 5 Stars!]
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