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Covert Ops Feats 2 $1.95
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Covert Ops Feats 2
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Covert Ops Feats 2
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Michael D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/10/2007 00:00:00

As advertised, this pdf gives you a pantload of feats. Feats for close combat, feats for ranged combat, feats to improve defense, to improve skills... and some feats whose purposes kind of bewilder me.

This pdf focuses on martial arts to a much greater extent than the previous Covert Ops Feats, with various styles from capoeira (mispelled in this pdf, unfortunately) through Jujitsu to Krav Maga represented. The Atemi style presented in this volume is a much more balanced progression to the ability to coup de grace with a touch than the feats with the same purpose from the previous volume.

And then there are those feats that bewilder me. Covert Ops feats 2 has no small number of decidedly adult feats, such as Comforting Fetish, Gifts of Ecstacy, Tantric Wisdom, and Yakuza Pearl Sheath, which are not for kids.

There's also a number of feats like Disrespect, Dress to Impress, Freestyle, and Gold & Platinum to aid characters in the rap business. Not my bag, but I'm sure somebody will use them.

All in all, it's a worthwhile pdf. If you're running an action-oriented D20 Modern campaign of any setting, I guarantee there's more than a few feats heare to catch your interest. <br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Acceptable<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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