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Slaughterhouse Of The Ogre Mage $10.00 $3.50
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Slaughterhouse Of The Ogre Mage
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Slaughterhouse Of The Ogre Mage
by John B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/24/2018 07:00:43

TL/DR: A stand alone "oriental" adventure with really great art, good cartography, and plenty of player-handout material, bargain priced for the amount of content that is here.

You know Kung Fu? Well you better know some before taking on this blood soaked "drive-in double-feature" bounty-hunt reminescent of Kill Bill or other extremely violent Kung Fu movies. Do not enter this adventure without a big ass sword and a really strong stomach. Fans of really dark, violent action will probably really like this adventure. It really gives players a chance to cut loose with the carnage. Unfortunately it also seems like a good place for a GM to cut loose with the carnage against the players. A level 5 or even 6 party has about a snowball's chance in hell of surviving this adventure without copious pit-stops.


  1. Lots of creatures and opponents here that are fun and rarely encountered in most published adventures.
  2. An interesting dungeon design that is quite surprising and intersting, with some really cool puzzles and traps.
  3. Enemies that are so nasty and arrogant they just have a "come kill me now, kill me a lot" sign written on them.
  4. Artwork is excellent, lots of cool "oriental" flavoring.
  5. Solid cartography and plenty of player-handout pages.


  1. It would be preferable to have the maps as JPG files for easier use on VTT.
  2. Severe balance issues (see below).
  3. No real personal investment into the story for the PC's, somehow the GM will want to tie in the ogre magi's forces into the histories of the PC's so they really, really, want to kill them. All.

Balance Issues: For real I don't see how any 5 member party of level 5 standard Pathfinder characters could possibly make it through this grind house without using tactics like going in, surviving 3 or 4 encounters, going out, resting, going back and somehow the enemy hasn't really changed anything to tighten up defenses, doing a few more encounters, going out, resting, repeat. Which would make no sense, the Ogre Magi would start putting up more defenses earlier so it would completely change the "dungeon" layout and encounters, in my opinion. I feel like this adventure would challenge a party of level 9-10 characters. Even level 11-12 characters would not find it to be a cakewalk, and would have to rest a few times. Level 5's? They're going to get seriously murdered unless the GM is not playing the monsters to their full potential. Nearly every encounter has the potential for a TPK, and on top of that, a lot of the encounters are in close proximity to each other, and battles could cause enough noise to bring reinforcements that would ENSURE a TPK of level 5's. Admittedly I haven't run the adventure yet to verify what happens on a play test, but damn! I would suggest just waiting until your players reach level 8 at earliest before throwing this at them.

Conclusion: This is still a very solid adventure, I just feel that it's geared for a party of more competent characters if they want to really be successful. This adventure would not be hard to convert to 5e or 3.5e or other editions of d20 based role playing games. Even if you don't use this adventure outright, there's plenty of fun encounters here that you can borrow and transport into adventures of your own design, so you really can't beat the price tag for this amount of well written and interesting NPCs, enemies, and encounters. Not to mention there's some cool magic items and ideas for traps here too. I only took one point off for balance issues, you could do a lot worse than pick this up. This is billed as part 3 of 7 in a string of adventures but the adventures so far in the series have little to nothing to do with each other, so I'd treat it as a stand alone.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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