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Fate Location Cards 1
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Fate Location Cards 1
Publisher: Nothing Ventured Games
by Jim B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/07/2019 23:36:43

Each of the 16 cards gives you an exotic fantasy location where you'd set a key scene or series of scenes. To give you an idea of the scale, locations include: an ancient monument, a forest, a bridge, a valley, and a castle. That is, these locations are neither single rooms nor vast realms.

The locations are described briefly in a few sentences each, such as the location's history, what goes on there now, and (in general terms) who or what you'll find there. Some locations describe something PCs can do while they're there. The descriptions are system-neutral.

Each location includes two situation aspects that are in effect while the PCs are there. They could be invoked by or compelled against the PCs. For example, one location has Supernatural Stillness and Reflections Reveal Truth. Another has WHIZ! BOOM! None of the aspects get direct explanations on what they mean or how you might use them. How you'd use them is based on how you interpret them in light of the location descriptions.

The aspects are easily adapted to non-Fate systems. If a location is Hard to Reach or Haunted by Fae, for example (and we'll assume that's not a dig at the Fate Accelerated Edition -- I'll be here all week), you could easily use those ideas in some other RPG.

Each location includes a stunt. In most cases, the stunts can be used by any character present. A few are marked "after visiting," meaning the stunt is usable in later scenes. A few stunts are marked with a moon icon indicating that PCs can acquire them as stunts of their own at a later milestone.

The stunts are written in the style of Fate Core. You'd reinterpret them for Fate Accelerated. The stunts are the only Fate-specific elements on each card.

The images on the cards are great visuals to show your players.

The cards include names ("the planetouched inventor Filigree") and various assumptions about the setting ("pilgrims venture here"). Obviously, you can come up with your own versions of the text to fit your setting. The only small catch is that the original text is still there, overlaying the images, if you show the cards to the players.

These are specific locations, not templates for building similar locations. If the PCs visit the Ruin of Fal'Triaz, for example, the card describes that ruin in particular. It's not a template for other ruins. Because they're 16 specific locations, there's not really any replay value other than revisiting the exact same site. You wouldn't make every ruin the same as the Ruin of Fal'Triaz. However, the locations can inspire you as you create other sites: two descriptive aspects that make the location interesting or challenging, plus a stunt that goes with the place.

These cards include no maps, no lists of NPCs, no creature stats, no encounter tables, or anything else that would flesh out an adventure. There are no hooks in the sense of an initial encounter to grab the PCs. That's all up to you. They're locales for you to build on. Consider this a positive or a negative as you see fit.

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