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Forces of Nature, Book 1 - The Druid (5e) $4.95 $2.97
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Forces of Nature, Book 1 - The Druid (5e)
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Forces of Nature, Book 1 - The Druid (5e)
Publisher: d20pfsrd.com
by David D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/05/2018 16:25:09

I bought a printed copy of the rpg supplement for 5th Edition ‘Forces of Nature, Book 1 – The Druid’ from d20pfsrd.com and here is my short review of this book. The supplement comes in color and is enriched with some nice art here and there among the pages. The layout and editing are top-notch. The whole book is well-written,very enjoyable (and understandable) to read. Page 1 contains a content table, page 2 contains a word of introduction, page 3 to 12 contains different druid circles, page 13 to 16 covers different companion creatures for druids, page 17-19 tells about wilderlings (a new playable PC race and/or NPC race), page 20 to 23 goes about druid feats, page 24-25 covers magic items, page 26 to 33 lists a whole array of new druidic spells, and page 34 contains the open game license.

There are 10 druid circles to choose from which allows for diverse types of druids. A druid of the Circle of Decay for example choose to celebrate the true nature of decay as a part of life (kind of necro-druid), a druid of the Circle of Swarms learns to transform into a swarm of beasts, a druid of the Circle of Fury gains the Rage feature, etc. The new playable race, the Wilderlings gets two distinct subraces to choose from: Flora Wilderlings and Fauna Wilderlings. The new companion creatures are all of the plant type, 6 in total. (For instance the Giant Flytrap and the Grabbling Seaweed to name 2 examples). I like the new druids spells (21 in total), ranging from cantrips up to 9th level and among 16 new feats is there always something interesting for everyone. I like for example the Designated Survivor feat that allows to cast area spells with greater accuracy. You can cast an area spell and choose a target in the area of effect to ignore all effects of the spell.

To finish my review, this supplement is written with a perfect mix of love, professionalism, enthusiasm, and inspiration and personally, I attribute 4,5 to 5 stars. Since this book is the first in a new series focusing on wilderness oriented classes, I wait with interest and patience on the next parts. d20pfsrd.com made a good start with Book 1 and I hope the same quality will be upheld in further supplements.

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