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    Dead Media
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    Dead Media
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    Dead Media
    Publisher: Vajra Enterprises
    by Mattias G. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 09/27/2018 23:46:44
    One of the best Horror resources I've ever read!

    On the face of it, Dead Media seems to be about story seeds featuring 8 cursed objects of a 20:th century origin:

    • a cartridge for a computer game console,
    • a pin-up floaty pen revealing hidden layers of reality,
    • a film projector showing a ship wreck,
    • a Wax Cylinder recording of a conversation between a patient and a doctor,
    • an antique Mutoscope granting strengths to its (paying) viewers,
    • a talking doll telling the PC:s to take it to a murderer,
    • a paranoia inducing comic book, and a
    • a video cassette the playing back of which will show an invisible monster in a mall.

    Now, the purpose is not just to allow the PC:s to run across these dangerous items and then simply destroy them. There is a meticulous background story for each of these items, and the PC:s will eventually have to research these, and in doing so they will be involved with antagonists who have their own interest in said item. These NPC:s could be part of a sect experimenting on children, a survivalist commander who would use the object to first recruit and then to extort money from his underlings, a group of persons addicted to the effects of the item who have a very good reason to do away with any outsider who has ever laid his/her eyes upon it, or the adversary could be a paradimensional monster shaped by the observer effect of said media. Pretty strong opposition, and while facing these antagonists, holding onto the item may be the only way to prevent the enemies to eliminate the PC:s. Furthermore the media may have to be used to locate and liberate some of its previous victims or it may hold the key to negate a curse already affecting the PC:s. So even if the PC:s could toss the item down a volcano, they shouldn't do so until they've uncovered its secrets.

    NB. There are two caveats I'd like to stress. Firstly, while each of these eight items lends itself to a specific line of inquiry, Dead Media is not written as eight short scenarios. Instead, the object and its background and powers are laid out in detail and at the end of the chapter there are some suggestions as to how the CM may involve the PC:s in an adventure centered around the cursed item, its victims and other interested parties. Very general and sandboxy. So it does require rather extensive work from the CM in terms of writing (...or improvising) proper scenes. Secondly, these eight items are designed to draw the players into the world mythology of In Dark Allies (such as the Deserted City). This means that it's not really practical for a CM to try to port this excellent product to a different RPG setting unless it too contains this parallel nightmare world hidden behind a shroud isolating humanity from supernatural terror (i.e. the premise of Dead Media wouldn't work in the context of real world horror rpg:s such as DeltaGreen or Chill... but it may be made to work with EsoTerrorists or Changeling: the Lost or perhaps The Quick or Kult: Divinity Lost).

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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