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Save The Day: Super Agents
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Save The Day: Super Agents
Publisher: Okumarts Games
by Stephan S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/21/2018 13:08:44

A great product, ideal for SciFi RPGs and tabletop games. I got them for Shadowrun, and they could just as easily represent the armies of various space empires.

The first page is 12 mooks (6 in light and 6 in heavy armor) with 5 weapon options, 6 helmet options (including bare heads), 8 color options for the details and 10 color options for the jumpsuits, allowing you pick out a combination for almost any campaign you want to run. Each helmet and weapon design has character, and the faces each have their own expression and unique features. Their poses have enough individuality to still look good in large numbers and when facing off between two different colored teams and the colors allow for a good mix for almost any situation. The bodies are on a separate layer from the heads and weapons, making it easy to print them out alone and glue in your own variants, and use the original heads and weapons on their own, e.g. for WANTED posters. If you want to paint up your own color variant, simply print them with Details or Jumpsuit color set to white.

The second page is 12 agents (6 in suits and 6 in more casual wear) with a total of 4 color variants (which all look very good). The agents have great, dynamic poses and exude kick-ass from every pore.

Alas, the heads and bodies are also the reason why I only gave 4 stars out of 5: The mook's poses have little dynamism (nobody is crouching or running) and the helmets have no color variants. The latter can be fixed with various graphic progams, so my final verdict is 4,5.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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