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    Avalon’s Solo Adventure System $19.99
    Average Rating:3.7 / 5
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    Avalon’s Solo Adventure System
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    Avalon’s Solo Adventure System
    Publisher: Avalon Game Company
    by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 04/26/2019 08:34:47

    A substantial collection of short solo (no referee) adventures, which build to create a bigger story. They follow the conventions of Choose Your Own Adventure Books e.g. "if you pursue the thief, go to paragraph 7". Events are in motion, but quite what role the PCs will play will depend on their choices/good fortune.

    Strengths: (i) there is a great deal of material; (ii) whilst combat is the main feature, other abilities are tested, and there are strategic decisions to make; (iii) replay value, as different choices/outcomes could lead to a very different sequence of adventures played; (iv) a subsystem which keeps track of how well you are regarded in various organisations, including romances; (v) dungeon delves are handled by random selection of rooms from a big list, adding uncertainty and excitement.

    Cautions/Weaknesses: (i) Some encounters may prove too tough for the levels indicated, e.g. four mummies for a low level group. I suggest an old school mentality of altering any "impossible" encounter, in the example you could make the mummies very susceptible to fire, or reduce their numbers; (ii) the running marriage score makes good sense for Princess Jenn, but less so for other possible paramours: bespoke scores such as +2 marriage (Jenn), +1 marriage (Elinos) might be better, also a male love interest could be included.


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