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Character Drawbacks
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Character Drawbacks
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Mark C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/16/2007 00:00:00

Having played with Flaws that grant feats I've seen how unbalancingly powerful they can be, especially early on. In some cases characters could qualify for prestige classes much sooner - and suffering a -1 penalty to ranged attacks isn't much of a hardship to bear.

Gaining 4 skill points is more functional, especially with the skill rank cap. It lets a character have a few more background skills which will probably never rise above 4 ranks, unless the character's Intelligence score increases later.

Everyone loves flaws (sort of). I have players who insist on taking them! So here is a fair system for rewarding their roleplaying efforts. Some of the flaws are arguably better or worse than others openning the door for min/maxing but 4 extra ranks in a skill is hardly game breaking.<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: It enhances character generation without making characters that are overly powerful.<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: I would have liked different levels of flaws, worse flaws granting more skill points than lesser flaws.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Acceptable<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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