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    Henshin! A Sentai RPG
    Publisher: Cave of Monsters Games
    by Seeph B. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 07/30/2020 16:26:53

    Henshin! is a game that is both aimed at letting you emulate the fun of the Power Rangers and Sentai series while also being a game that lets everyone take part and feel like a part of the game at all times. I've found that running and taking part in it, that no player is ever left out or waiting long for something to come around to them. Which is such a huge plus.

    It's simple and to the point. An original diceless system that uses tokens that you will spend and gain by doing various actions. Each 'Color' is a class in the game. With Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green & Pink making up what I would say are the 'core' colours. These are those who you would see in episode to episode letting you play the leader archetype, the smart one, the heart of the group and so on. With the other colours being Gold, Silver, White, Orange and Purple. Letting you dip into the "sixth" ranger element similar to the Green Ranger in the original series.

    The game itself might not be very crunchy for people which is completely understandable! The game is intended to help you make a fun story/episode/series as opposed to being focused on combat. But Sentai has always been about the good guys winning in the end. Putting that down to chance dice can take away from the sort of 'power fantasy' that Sentai is trying to convey.

    The book itself is made up of explanation of the system, the Colors, ideas on how to create your "show/squad", modules (that are more a collection of ideas, story prompts and themes than a guided story like in others) and some other examples of how the game might be played.

    It’s a pretty simple book throughout and it’s really easy to just sit down and play. It’s very much based on peoples tastes and I like to play it for only a couple of hours at a time so it’s quick to get into each time and doesn’t require hours to set aside in a day.

    My main drawback is that sometimes the “Turns” that people can take can leave them stumped and looking at their sheet too much as opposed to just using the turns as a guidance for what their character is likely to do in situations. As someone who is used to playing it I can usually point out ideas on how to understand players Turns but to new players it can be a bit confusing. This might be coming from the standpoint that situations have to be ‘won’ when really you’re just doing fun day to day stuff. Characters aren’t going to die or have bad things happen to them unless players agree to it in some form

    My other issue is that a lot of the modules have beautiful artwork that just isn’t fully shown. Would love to have seen some pages at the end showing all the modules artwork.

    Much like how Chroma Squad is the best sentai game I’ve played made by an indie dev, Henshin! is the best example of a Sentai/Toku game I’ve seen. I’d recommend going on their official website where you can check out the modules and character sheets to get an idea of how it’s played!

    [4 of 5 Stars!]
    Henshin! A Sentai RPG
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