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    NPC Collection: Fantasy European Castle $1.99 $1.49
    Average Rating:4.0 / 5
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    NPC Collection: Fantasy European Castle
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    NPC Collection: Fantasy European Castle
    Publisher: Pink Dice Bag Publishing
    by Arayana M. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 03/05/2020 23:08:24

    I hate leaving poor reviews, especially when what is there is good. The characters are good. My issue is the level of knowledge the writer expects the DM to have when the book is about jobs most ignore. It's great to offer the characters and such, but without significant knowledge of how castle servent society is structured -- who ranks who and what title does what -- it's all but useless. There's little to no info on what their jobs and duties are. So if you don't know what Master of the Horse, Ewerer, Courtier, Mistress of the Robes, Chambermaid and more are, where they rank in the social order and what they do, the NPCs are very difficult to use. Just a sentance or two about what they do day to day, who they report to and give orders to would be incredably helpful. A link to an beginner's guide to castle servents would also work. Or a warning in the write-up that indicates it's not for beginners in the subject.

    [3 of 5 Stars!]
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