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    The Remote is Screaming $7.95 $6.76
    Average Rating:5.0 / 5
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    The Remote is Screaming
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    The Remote is Screaming
    Publisher: Evil Beagle Games
    by Wayne W. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 04/27/2020 04:19:35

    The remote is Screaming from Evil Beagle games is a fun addition to the long list of 3rd party publishers for Savage World RPG system.

    Bill Keyes and Lee Garvin llsets up a well done sourcebook for any players that want to have a crack at the paranormal investation genre that as taken the reality tv world by storm.

    Remote is screaming gives playerrs and GNs enough info to run a solid game here. Perfect for one shots or a shout few sessions game.

    The books has a nice setting background and adds a few new skills and powers to personize your game into a Ghost Hunting, Dead files Paranormal school game. I loved the network that was created just for these shows in the book and the NPCs and monsters are right out of the trope that most of these shows use.

    A seslllion can be run right out of the book with almost no prep, as characters are provided, but llthere is enough info for character creation and a few tables to create cursed objects and plot seeds for many of an adventure.

    The book is nicely laid out with some cool artwork and photos to give a nice feel for this genre.

    A couple of minor nitpics, while most of the art work is fine, a few of the NPCs art is a bit on the basic side. This really clashes with the better artwork at times.

    A quibble I have with a lot of books recently is that there is not an index. Grented for a book this size it might not have been needed, but I always prefer one.

    The PDF is produced well and for the most part easy to read. Printing this book ut in color at home would be pricey, but as a home laser printer, the pages looked crisp and readable.

    8 dollars for this PDF is a bagain. Savage world fans should love this fun , silly and a bit scary addition to the setting for this system

    To be sure, the Savage world basic rule book is needed and I think the Horror set of addone rules would be a big help.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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