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Osmond Ward
Publisher: Connor Heighton
by Lunais S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/30/2020 21:10:39

I've been playing Osmond Ward for around 5 months now. It's a very fun and exciting game that can go in several directions! This book is the most essential tool when playing, I have to check it at least 4 times a month. It's very eloquently and yet simplisticly written. Now, I must be honest, there is one downside to this: since Osmond is constantly evolving, the book is too. I don't know what version will be the true final, but in the meantime, going ahead and getting the pdf is 100% worth it. While a continuously evolving system can be a bit complex, it does mean it will constantly improve. I can attest, that this book is worth it's weight in gold. I hope this review is helpful to anyone considering buying and playing Osmond Ward.

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Osmond Ward
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