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Blood and Lust
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Blood and Lust
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Blood and Lust
Publisher: Chaosium
by Ian B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/07/2008 16:40:31

This is a 3rd edition supplement to Pendragon which at first glance appears to be the weakest and least valuable of the supplements but it's actually quite good. It begins with a chapter on gamemastering tips by the Gregmeister himself, which still stand the test of time and an equally useful chapter on travel and encounters The rest of the book comprises of several lengthy adventures like the Adventure of the Heart Blade and some very short ones which can be popped into any campaign. The Adventure of The Heart Blade is unusual in that it's dominant theme and motivation is love. How often do you get that in D&D or any other dungeon crawler RPG's? It shows how well designed Pendragon is as a gaming system, how it stands out from the crowd and how it can accomplish something like this. The chapter on the Duke of Angleland contains geography for the Anglia region and information on the locations there which make good hooks for adventures. The book ends with the usual character sheets and some introductory handouts for the adventures. The scans have some marks in the darker note sections of the pages and in some areas of those parts the text is harder to read or is squashed together. Everything can be read though and it's a good scan otherwise.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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