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    THE 66TH ORDER - a one-page RPG

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    THE 66TH ORDER - a one-page RPG
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    THE 66TH ORDER - a one-page RPG
    Publisher: Doppelgänger Publishing
    by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 01/07/2021 15:51:46

    Today I soloed my way through The 66th Order. It is for a Game Master and several players. It is one page and contains a map with 6 hexes. I used a solo engine that I have been testing out. I used two troopers, a mechanic, a tracker, and a medic. At hex # 1 they found a crashed alien ship (Hive of Bone, DriveThruRPG). My team killed five enemy droids and later the hive queen. They also found some rations and a tranquilizer. They only explored three of the rooms and wanted to move out. At hex # 2 they found wandering mounts and were able to get them under control. At hex # 3, they acquired some more mounts. At hex # 4 they found pieces of droids at a destroyed village. At hex # 5 they encountered toxic mushrooms. The medic was able to cure the sick team member. At hex # 6 they found the rogue jedi at the ruined droid base. They killed him (quest A complete). They headed back to the crashed alien ship because they needed parts to repair their own ship. They encountered six cyberdead zombies in there. After defeating them they found an accelerator for their ship. When the mechanic tried to install it in their ship he was electrocuted and died. At this point, there was only a trooper and a medic left alive inside a ship permanently grounded on the surface. They died when the planet exploded. Maybe you will have better luck. Give this exciting adventure a try!

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