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Just Add Dice: 100 Ship Cargos $2.00
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Just Add Dice: 100 Ship Cargos
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Just Add Dice: 100 Ship Cargos
Publisher: Healing Fireball
by Malcolm M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/18/2008 21:05:10

It's not visually stunning, but 100 Ship Cargos delivers on its promises. 100 fantasy-historical ship cargos for $2 US. It's hard to beat a deal like that.

The one major flaw in this product is that there are no price list suggestions included whatsoever. Author Christopher Baldi makes a decent case that assigning prices to the cargos would defeat the "universal" nature of the gaming product, and he's right in that regard.

Still, some of these cargos are esoteric enough to the modern mind, that I would have no idea how to price them "on the fly" at the gaming table, which defeats much of this product's plug-and-play time-saving appeal.

Certainly the author, who's done all the research anyway, would be better equipped to suggest a value for a given cargo than I would -- suddenly scrambling around at the game table to put a price on a crate full of cannonballs, with anxious players all waiting on me.

While I undrstand the author's position, I guess I still wish each cargo carried some sort of abstract "Trade Value" number -- that the author had designated one cargo (Grain?) as the "baseline" cargo, and assigned it a "Trade Value" number of 1.0, and then ranked the other 199 cargos relative to its value. Sort of an "encoded barter system", if you will.

That way, I'd still get to set my own price on a cargo of grain at 48 florins and 12 guilders (or whatever), but I could tell at a glance that a cargo of cannonballs has a recommended "Trade Value" of 14.5 times whatever I deemed the grain cargo to be worth in my game.

Something like this would push 100 Ship Cargos from a four-star product to a five-star, in my opinion, because it would allow the product to help GMs out instantly at the game table, when they might need it most.

All suggestions aside, at only $2 US, 100 Ship Cargos is definitely worth your time, so long as you don't mind working up the price values yourself.

As mentioned above, this product isn't visually slick or glossy, but it's not ugly either -- primarily, it's black text on a white background, busily delivering the goods, as promised, both literally and figuratively.

If, after reading this, you still think 100 Ship Cargos is for you, then just buy it. For only $2 US, it's definitely a low-risk purchase.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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