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Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by Robert M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/07/2010 10:46:14

INVADERZ is a silly and fun "beer and pretzels" game where Invaderz from the Jerkian Empire try to conquer Earth for the amusement of their leaders, or die trying which the leaders find just as entertaining.

Overall Impression: Having bought several other products from this author, I had uniformly high expectations which were easily met.

Artwork: plentiful and suitable to the theme and tone, the 8-bit retro style artwork was a great choice.

Mechanics: Appropriate to a game about blowing stuff up for fun and profit of the Empire. Characters are not overly complex, and the mechanics support the silly gameplay style perfectly. Not hard to create characters or run the adventures part itself, and very approachably done. This game is not for rules-lawyers, since it encourages "just wing it" play style.

Writing: With tongue firmly in cheek, Grim sets the style from page 1 and doesn't let up. Even the legal disclaimer is not left unscathed, and the dedication really gives you an idea of how to GM this game. I laughed out loud several times just on my initial read-through, and was immediately able to scheme up several fun adventures.

Setting: Today Earth invaded by wacky and occasionally-malfunctioning alien high technology. Easy to design adventures and add-ons for.

Summary: just buy this already. If the writers of the movie SPACED INVADERS had played this first, that would have been a much more fun movie. Fans of alien invasion cartoons will read this and have flashbacks to quotes and scenes from those cartoons. Wish I could rate this higher.

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