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    Other comments left by this customer:
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    Curse of the Yellow Sign, Act I: Digging for a Dead God
    Publisher: John Wick Presents
    by Andrew H. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 07/28/2009 12:47:23

    This is a game with its heart in the right place, but it's not as clever as it thinks it is. It's location and character based rather than a linear plot-based game. This is not as radical an approach as the author seems to think. The concept of setting characters against each other and then letting them loose to explore an interesting environment, rather than the GM leading them by the nose, is a fairly standard format. There are several contradictions and inconsistencies in the text that could trip up an unwary GM and would need to be corrected before play. In particular one of the character briefs is completely missing a vital piece of information. This implies a lack of proofreading by a third party. The mechanics are laudably thin on the ground, but (despite what it says in the introduction) they are still there, just as much as in most games. Where it does score is in its suggestions for drip-feeding information to the players in a form designed to build atmosphere. It acknowledges its debt to "Alien", "Aliens" and "The Thing". But I would also recommend anyone intending to run this to first also watch "Total Recall", and particularly "The Bunker" and "The Keep".

    [3 of 5 Stars!]
    Curse of the Yellow Sign, Act I: Digging for a Dead God
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