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    Yesterday's Tomorrow $2.99 $2.24
    Average Rating:3.8 / 5
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    Yesterday\'s Tomorrow
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    Yesterday's Tomorrow
    Publisher: John Wick Presents
    by Ernest M. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 05/13/2010 15:06:44

    What a fantastic little book!

    This is a compact little system that encourages storytelling. The game is driven by complications which push the narrative deeper with both the Narrator and Characters adding to the story. Yesterday’s Tomorrow creates a good balance by using Archetypes with Styles: Action, Science, Mystery and Romance. While it might seem as though Characters would be very similar, they are not. Advantages, Flairs and Serials are all available for customization and leave players feeling as though their Character is quite unique.

    Die rolling is kept to a minimum and only initiated by the Character when he/she feels it adds to the dramatic situations (which are created by Complications). The Complication element really drives this game. Create a Complication and receive a Peril Point, which earns you your dice for those situations where you really want a random outcome to occur. Rolling is based on Style. It is quite strange (at first) for a character to narrate their own outcome, but once one catches on feels natural in this system.

    This is a narrative game that empowers all involved to contribute and narrate the outcome (which can snowball into more complications when the outcome produces more peril points). This helps capture the feeling of “Becoming a Part of a Pulp Story.” Rather than waiting for a cliffhanger, a Character can create their own.

    I would recommend this to anyone looking to try out a group Narrative/Storytelling System. This is a great primer and well worth the price tag. Easy to print, easy to read and (best of all) fun to play!

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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