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Mythic Chess (Greek vs Egyptian)
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Mythic Chess (Greek vs Egyptian)
Publisher: Guild of Blades
by R J C S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/06/2010 03:27:09

I’d already bought a few games released by this publisher (the various "1483”, for example), and thought that, while undoubtedly amateurish in certain aspects, they were creative and entertaining. Some of them were even fairly accurate, historically.

So I was fairly optimistic regarding “Mythic Chess”. With such an interesting concept, how could one miss?

My opinion of this publisher has dramatically changed after purchasing this game.

Not only is it characteristically amateurish, it is poorly designed, inadequately explained, grossly unbalanced, unnecessarily complicated, and irritatingly pretentious. The author should really stay away from words that “reflex” a poor grasp of the language. (By the way, the author would also do well to learn how to run a simple spell-check, if nothing else: it would hardly improve the quality of the writing, but it just might eliminate the “diagnal/diagnally”, “seperate”, “unlinted” and other inanities that plague what text there is.)

It’s unfortunate, really. The concept, while not new (we’ve all seen a dozen or more different takes on traditional chess, including circular, cylindrical, spherical and cubic boards; pieces with new movements and abilities; added levels; etc.), certainly deserved better treatment than what it is afforded here.

Movement descriptions are deficient at best, and confusing at worst. The same goes for attacks (exactly how can Theseus destroy up to 3 units?), which are also disproportionate (a hero can destroy 3 units, but the very God of War can only destroy 2?).

I would like to see someone else take a hand at a more intelligent design, pitting the Mexica pantheon against its Incan counterpart, for example. But from this publisher? No thanks.

What I liked? The concept per se.

What I disliked? Everything else.

Would I recommend this? Let’s just leave it at “No”.

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