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Campaign Overlay: Fantasy Firearms
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Campaign Overlay: Fantasy Firearms
Publisher: Skortched Urf' Studios
by JEROME M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/27/2016 18:50:43

Armory, Bestiary, Mini-Campaign Setting and Players Guide All-in-one!

Fantasy Firearms from Skortched Urf' Studios is a criminally underrated product. Released in 2010, it has the misfortune of predating Paizo's official take on firearms in Ultimate Combat. This book has apparently been swept under the rug since, but it's time to shout out the praises for this book and let people know that this is one damn fine product that manages to bring Fantasy Firearms into your campaign through a mini-campaign based on the changes Draksmoke makes to your world.

This books offers a bestiary, new player races, new player options, an armory and a mini-campaign timeline that tracks the evolution of Draksmoke weaponry from the first Dwarven discoveries on to Elven additions, goblin crudities and much more! The book explains how the Dwarves were the first to craft the secrets of Draksmoke from the bile of red dragons and used it to create firearm weaponry. From there, the other races made their own innovations and found ways to incorporate firearms into their own adventures. This books shows you how to drop firearms into your world whole cloth. You can adjust all of your races as suggested, or just change the parts that work for your campaign.

The armory section offers a look at Draksmoke weaponry, pistols and rifles. There are halfling, elven and dwarven variations for revolvers and rifles and a few other neat creations that will make your players drool or your GM shiver with fear. As this book beat Ultimate Combat to print, there are variances in the cost, utility, and damage capacity of the weapons with those introduced in Ultimate Combat. This is the sole reason that I deducted one star from this review as the book will take a little bit of adjusting to fit into a world that also uses Paizo's Ultimate Combat.

My suggestions are to adjust the cost up slightly and perhaps consider giving all of the firearms presented herein either a higher misfire number such as 1-5 or remove the ranged touch quality. There are a few different ways that GMs can look at this to make it fall closer in line with the Ultimate Combat firearms.

This book really deserves an "A" for effort and a five star review. It offers so much content in one PDF. I loved the PDF so much, that I had to track down a copy of the hard book for my table! This book is just spilling over with fun ideas from the slick Dwarve-forged Forgehawk Revolver to gunfire goblins to smoke-belcher men to the gun-mage core class to the Unsleeping Riflemen and so much more! It is well worth the reduced price of the PDF and hard copies can still be found for a decent price on the secondary market.

If you're looking to incorporate firearms into your fantasy world, this book gives you everything you need to make it happen. Bring Fantasy Firearms to your world, lock, stock and barrel today!

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