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    Type S Scout/Courier "IISS Dreamcatcher" $2.99 $2.24
    Average Rating:4.4 / 5
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    Type S Scout/Courier \"IISS Dreamcatcher\"
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    Type S Scout/Courier "IISS Dreamcatcher"
    Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
    by Dalton C. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 10/13/2020 17:24:59

    The lack of a version that has no grids, plus the low resoltion that is caused by the compression options when exporting to png/jpg from CC3 leads to a blurry look that could be easily fixed with a new gridless single image export.
    I would pay more if this series of ships where provided in a better format for vtt's.

    [2 of 5 Stars!]
    Type S Scout/Courier "IISS Dreamcatcher"
    Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
    by Aaron H. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 07/07/2011 22:34:19

    Type “S” Scout/Courier is the first spaceship battlemap from Scrying Eye Games’ new series Scrying Eye Shipyard and is compatible with the Traveller system. It is a fairly straight forward, beautifully detailed, and perfectly laid out spaceship that can easily be used for multiple system.

    The details of the interior are crisp and clear and attention was paid to the grid by perfectly placing it so the central “walkway” lines up right where it needs to be. This ship accommodates four perfectly with seating in the command section along with four separate staterooms. Each necessary room is there and an overview pointing out the different rooms is included in the back. In addition to the detailed interior, an overlay of the exterior is included. Plus there is a civilian air raft and turret controls. It’s not very big but it truly is designed perfectly.


    If Type “S” Scout/Courier is any indication of future battlemaps in this series, then I truly look forward to future releases. While it’s designed for use with Traveller, the standard 1″ x 1″ grid (or 25mm) makes it usable with many other systems.


    Publication Quality: 10 out of 10 This battlemap is laid out perfectly and includes the interior, exterior, and overview. One key item to the layout is how well the grid is laid over the actual interior details – it matches perfectly.

    Visual Appeal: 10 out of 10 Type “S” Scout/Courier is visually stunning with not only excellent details but everything placed in a logical location making the entire ship even more stunning to look at.

    Desire to Use: 10 out of 10 This spaceship is very valuable for in-game use in Traveller and other systems that utilize a 1″ x 1″ grid like Savage Worlds or even Dark Heresy. The only catch is that it’s designed for four characters to use, but this could easily be worked around. It truly has a variety of uses within almost any sci-fi game system.

    Overall: 10 out of 10 Type “S” Scout/Courier is an excellent battlemap for anyone looking to add a small spaceship to their adventure or campaign. Regardless if you’re using miniatures or not, you can use this to explain the action going on and allow the PCs to interact with their surroundings. I definitely recommend using this.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Type S Scout/Courier "IISS Dreamcatcher"
    Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
    by Andrew L. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 06/15/2011 05:03:47

    I was not yet a teenager when I watched the first moon landing on TV. Like many of my generation I was simply possessed with idea of spaceflight. When having to wear glasses put paid to my childhood aspiration of being an astronaut I looked forward to the space tourism we were being guaranteed. Nowadays, of course, I have to accept that short of someone doing something very suddenly with carbon nanotubes and space elevators, maps like "IISS Dreamcatcher" are the closest I'll ever get to leaving Earth.

    This map is teaming with loads more adventure potential than that tourist flight I anticipated rescuing in Thunderbirds style ever had. I can see in the bridge that one of the consoles is glowing a different color to the others. Definitely a sign that it is shortly, at a most inopportune time, going to go on the blink. Some of the odd hazard checked floor panels might be lifted and someone spill their coffee, or worse fall in and break something. Lord knows what will happen if there's a bureaucrat around when that happens, you think safety regulations are bad enough in c21? Wait a few hundred years. The Captain won't like having to bribe his way out of that. And should you really be leaving blasters out in your cabin when that rich dilettante passenger the Cap' had to take on board is looking strung out and withdrawn? On the other hand the drone bay has some spare room; customs won't notice the odd bottle going planet side... will they?

    There are minor irritations - at the time of this review there was no 3 feet to an inch hex version of this map for my GURPS Traveller game. There is no exterior underside in the map - forgetting that in space there is no upside down. Despite this the map is good quality and well detailed. At this price if you have a Traveller game that uses 5 feet to one inch scale you can't afford not to buy this map on the off chance you need a Scout/Courier map for those times when, as always, your players drive a truck through your session planning.

    Plus, let's face it, the IISS Dreamcatcher and your imagination represents a better class of space travel than you're likely to see in your lifetime - which undoubtedly will be more cramped than tourist class, full of more screaming kids and babies and have floating globules of unidentified biological matter. Need I say more? Take the sane alternative.

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Type S Scout/Courier "IISS Dreamcatcher"
    Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
    by Jerry G. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 06/01/2011 10:25:40

    A nicely done floor plan with a lot of thought on where everything in the ship goes

    Loved it and used some of the ideas when making my own floor plans

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    Type S Scout/Courier "IISS Dreamcatcher"
    Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
    by Billiam B. [Featured Reviewer]
    Date Added: 05/27/2011 20:23:33

    Good value for money ($3 USD).

    Absolutely essential floor plan for any Traveller game (old and new). The inside of an S-Scout never looked so good.

    Definitely for fans of the Millennium Falcon and Firefly-class Serenity, who like their starships dingy and cluttered!

    Summary: Useful eye-candy for space navy heads with minis!

    Ace. Fire up the jump drive!

    -Bb- http:/bit.ly/rpgblog

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
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