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Saga of the Goblin Horde (Savage Worlds) $0.00
Publisher: Zadmar Games
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/12/2018 21:33:32

This is a ridiculously professional product for a free product. This outright shames a large number of commercial products on production values. That alone would be impressive, and then you get into the sheer amount of flavorful rules stuff. The author seems to have a mindset similar to mine: Don't shy away from Edges, Hindrances and Setting Rules if they will serve the setting better than just throwing "trappings" on everything. Savage Worlds is fast enough and robust enough to handle it without dragging down. Don't do it for it's own sake, but don't be scared to let the rules serve your game.

The flavor of the setting is great, and the Edges, Hindrances, random tables and setting rules feed into that. The setting itself is only broadly detailed. That makes sense, as most of these jokers aren't even going to understand the concept of detailed demographic information, much less have any use for it.

The layout of the Plot Point Campaign is beautiful and unique. I LOVE it when a PPC or an adventure path or whatever is written so that what the PCs do matters, and most aren't written that way. There are challenges but the heroes are expected to overcome those challenges and life goes on. At least after the halfway point, this campaign assumes NOTHING, even through the end of the PPC.

I also dig the random adventure generator, and I may even steal the d12 portion for my home adventures in other settings just to force myself to shake up how I lay out adventures.

The support is impressive as Hell, with the map being a great piece of work and the countdown deck being a ridiculously useful piece of innovation that he's already teasing being expanded to other genres.

Literally the only reasons not to download this are a) you hate Savage Worlds, b) you hate the concept or c) you're going to be a player in the game. This is seriously top notch stuff.

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Saga of the Goblin Horde (Savage Worlds)
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