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Miserable Secrets $14.95
Publisher: Fantasy Heartbreaker
by Jye N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2018 18:56:21

The investigation mechanics are fantastic; the pacing, the thematic linking of secrets to card suits and the town generation system were a huge help to me as a GM. It's not the sort of thing I've had a lot of success running in the past but Miserable Secrets turned that right around.

Combat is very cool and has synergy with investigation play (there are resource interactions via the cards that represent secrets, and both PCs and NPCs' powers always have explicit in and out of combat applications). It's a little different to most tactical games in having a very mobile, hit-and-run style (inspired by Castlevania, if you didn't get the reference in the title), but the thorough examples should set you straight.

Also you can play an alchemist who makes golden whips from her blood, or a Wolf of God, so that's pretty cool :)

Rose's Patreon backers have had a month to enjoy this game already; the version you're buying here is fleshed out from our feedback. Having run the Patreon version I am super keen to get this expanded version into play, and I've bought copies for all my players so that we're good to go for next week!

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Miserable Secrets
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