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Starter Kit: Werewolf the Forsaken [BUNDLE] $31.97 $20.70
Publisher: White Wolf
by Paul H. D. B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/18/2013 13:34:54

The products contained within this bundle are all grade A, although the hazy resolution of the front and back covers of the Forsaken Core rulebook spoil the appearance of the book. It could have been high resolution, instead of being highly compressed to fit download requirements. This is a very unfortunate result. However, the book is well presented. The rest of the illustrations and the text are impressive. The maps of Colorado could have been better defined, they have also suffered due to the construction method used, but otherwise, the core rulebook of the Forsaken will arm you with all the tools you need to make your start in the world of writing. The conventions, tribes and the spirit world are all expertly mapped out. The samples for each tribe offer very telling members who will help you decide how to use them and the spirit world comes alive in this book.

The sample characters are inventive and have their places in many fine chronicles of the forsaken. They are well described and the illustrations of them are well made. Get this bundle to build your basic foundation for your Forsaken stories.

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Starter Kit: Werewolf the Forsaken [BUNDLE]
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