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Shaintar: Legends Arise $24.99
Publisher: Savage Mojo
by Chris J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/28/2013 15:37:30

I have to say i was very impressed with Shaintar: Legends Arise. For years I have played different fantasy table top rpgs in many different systems. It was only recently that I discovered Savage Worlds and sought out a fitting fantasy setting that suited my needs for epic style storytelling. Shaintar fits that role very well with its elaborately detailed world containing a thorough history and rich background.

The world itself reminds me of the sort of high magic you see in settings such as Forgotten Realms. The cosmology is unique and I love the different styles of magic that are available in the setting. I love the idea that there are powerful beings called the Ascended that are not truly gods but risen mortals into a higher immortal state, that watch over the forces of the elements and nature. Heroes begin in a time where various factions are at war with one another and there are shadowy organizations engaged in clandestine operations behind the scenes trying to tip the scale in favour of their respected factions.

I love the unique adjustments that Sean has made to the magic system which basically allows magic users to combine powers and alter their effects beyond the core powers we normally see in the Savage Worlds system. This goes beyond mere trappings and enables players to create truly unique applications for their powers and mimic the variety of spells one might see in another popular fantasy role playing game. I can't wait to see the expanded magic rules for High magic in the Legends Unleashed book and the Magic and cosmology guidebook when they come out. Im sure they will add to the sheer awesomeness already given to us in this book.

The author also runs a living campaign in which players and gms can participate in shaping the official canon of the world of Shaintar in future sourcebooks through the events that take place in their games.

Thanks Sean for creating such an awesome setting for me to run my games in. I cant wait to get the next books when they are available.

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Shaintar: Legends Arise
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