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Monsters of Porphyra $15.00
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/21/2014 11:26:02

You can never have too many monsters... and with this product the Purple Duck team has scoured the highways and byways of old OGL material released for Dungeons & Dragons 3e and retooled it for Pathfinder complete with special notes for the Porphyra setting and some truly glorious illustrations. And when I say 'scoured' put it this way: the Section 15 of the OGL copyright notice spreads over FIVE pages!

The Introduction explains the background: that the book was initial conceived as a Monster Update Project where subscribers were invited to select five monsters each to have rebuild under the Pathfinder ruleset: - a project launched back in 2010... so long ago I cannot even remember what my five monsters were! The development of Purple Duck Games, a then newly-formed company, somewhat got in the way, but here it is at last.

Each monster has a brief introduction that is suitable for reading aloud when the party first sees the beastie, a full stat block, gorgeous full-colour illustration, and notes about its ecology, behaviour, combat style and anything else that might be pertinent; including a mention of its particular niche in Porphyra. Each monster has a page (or two pages) to itself, making it easy to print out just the pages that you want for a game.

If you are missing a favourite monster from games past, it may be here. If it's not, sponsors are already being sought for a second volume!

There is a fine selection of creatures here which should provide a good number of opponents and beasties to marvel at in your game.

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Monsters of Porphyra
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