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d30 Sandbox Companion $4.95
Publisher: New Big Dragon Games Unlimited
by Greg W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/22/2014 13:36:29

I wrote a lengthy review of this author's other set of tables, the d30 DM Companion, which is a product I also highly recommend. As for this product, the d30 Sandbox Companion, LeBlanc has continued to implement his high standards for OSR supplements. It's 40% longer than the previous Companion, thoroughly hyperlinked, with table of contents and index, and makes efficient use of single die rolls to select a broad range of specific features at once.

The focus of the d30 DM Companion was below ground:

  • quick character generation
  • dungeon features
  • monsters
  • treasure

The focus of the d30 Sandbox Companion is above ground:

  • adventure generator
  • wilderness locations and locales
  • settlements
  • NPCs

In each case there are multiple tables per section, with quick guides about which tables to use and when.

Together these two products are a solid package. Just a few rolls will get you seed thoughts that are sufficient for actual gameplay. In addition, you can quickly develop and solidify his suggestions via your imagination.

I look forward to the author's forthcoming d30 Creature Compendium.

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d30 Sandbox Companion
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