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The Dragons of Britain #1 $0.00
Publisher: Stygian Fox
by Ian W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/24/2014 14:53:29

I haven't taken the time to fully review the content because of the excessively slow scrolling and loading of the pages. Why is this 64 page pdf 63 MB of data? I have other pdf products that have significantly more pages while still being beautifully illustrated and colored yet are less than half the size of this magazine.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Ian,
Thanks for your comments. Part of the problem has been that this issue was designed for print at a high resolution (the original idea was to have a full print run) but circumstances changed after the magazine was laid out. With helpful feedback like yours and from others, the second issue was reduced further. While still quite a large file of 47mb its below the specs of most of the readers we\'ve talked to and is a medium distance between loadability and attractive trade dress. The sad fact is that when we try to do an interactive version with a much lower size, it would come out as a double page spread (to be read on a wide screen) and this has been a common complaint with InDesign in an interactive PDF setting. I\'m sorry it became awkward to read and took time to load. I hope you find the second issue easier for your device to handle. I\'m a one-man-band operation and managing to reduce file size where I can and as I learn. Thank you for taking the time out to mention this problem.
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The Dragons of Britain #1
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