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Open Gaming Monthly #1 $6.95
by Thomas C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/11/2014 10:52:52

Very cool magazine. I’m not sure that it’s being published any longer as it looks like everything stopped as issue# 5. I had heard that they might move to a quarterly format which would be nice.

Anyway, some nice stuff here in Issue #1. Ordered print version. Nice glossy cover, full color interior. Articles are nice with excellent materials for GM’s (mini-adventures, drop in locations, new race ‘Briarborn’, fully statted monsters). Do like the BadWrongFun addition- haven’t seen home rules for d20 done before in-print, so this is a nice addition. Overall, a pleasant read.

Not cons, but what I’d like to see in future issues: a comic or two. Interviews with writers, developers and publishers. Reviews of other OGL pubs (splat books, modules, etc). Perhaps an online pub as well with audio podcasts and video interviews. Again, just ideas on what I think would be nice. Props to these guys for the awesome job they did in getting these 5 issues out! I know from personal experience how very difficult it is to pull this stuff together. Hopefully more to come.

Tom -Dead Goblin Games

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Open Gaming Monthly #1
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