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Party of One: Leda $12.00 $6.00
Publisher: Expeditious Retreat Press
by Adrien W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/25/2014 14:43:28

I really enjoyed playing this gamebook and agree with a previous reviewer that you'll be paying a low price for a top-quality , well-written adventure book that gradually introduces you to the character of Leda , lets you vicariously know her friends , her family and her life as an apprentice wizard (on a sidenote I think it could be a source of inspiration for players looking to portray apprentices or th apprentice/master wizard relationship since it details day to day activities, and more adventurous events alike with sympathy and depth of writing) as you play along and make decisions that really feel like you're playing a D&D game (small but meaningful number of dicerolls to make outside of combat, some opportunities for learning spells and using skills the way you would around the table top although I wish there had been a couple more).

Leda's relationship with her familiar and how it's portrayed is also worth mentioning since it often seems neglected in novels or modules with mages This gamebook will probably appeal most to readers that enjoy following their characters through heroic and everyday acts alike , from exploring ruins and caves to preparing for a party and meeting for lunch at the tavern.

I really felt that the writing was evocative and in my view you could tell that the writers took pains to make Leda a believable and fleshed-out female character , with some scenes showcasing aspects that aren't often seen in a D&D session but should (family reunions , social relationships with the character's family , how fashion choices might affect the character's standing with others etc) . There were several typos and the occasional odd wording or choice of words but altogether this didn't detract from my enjoyment of the game at all when you consider all the work and depth that went into making the gamebook.

Where the book really shines I think is in describing the psychology of the characters and the web of relationships they have , making them memorable and easily portable into your own games as NPCs (Leda's master and her family especially but also the people she encounters for whom stats are provided) . I hope we'll see a sequel , the sooner the better and compliments to the authors.

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Party of One: Leda
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