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The Map of Badendale
The Map of Badendale
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Battle for Oz $20.00
Publisher: Pirate Press LLC
by Jason R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/20/2014 13:22:05

Let me start by saying i think of this as being an A grade setting for Savage Worlds. The layout and art in the book is solid, looks great and gives some good content to work with. If the idea of running a game in Land of OZ has your interest then this is a great choice.

I have been running this with my kids and they are really enjoying it. The variety of Monsters is nice and the plot point campaign is a great way to just jump into the game. The Campaign needed some tweaks as I was running it as it's a bit too linear for me, but was a great guide to get the players involved in the Land of OZ.

I really like the creatures included in the book and my players will see many Pumpkinheads and Tin-Men during their adventures. While I was interested in the setting while the Kickstarter was happening I really fell in love with the game after I read the book and was able to play a few settings. It's a great addition to my Savage Worlds books and I'll be stealing some ideas from here even after we finish the campaign.

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Battle for Oz
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