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Death of the Tyrant $7.99 $6.79
Publisher: GRAmel
by Michael P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/31/2014 16:01:09

As has been said in other reviews, this excellent adventure for the 'Beasts & Barbarians' setting brings all the classic elements of Sword & Sorcery tales to the table. By the end of the adventure, your player characters will have been involved in a rather straightforward plot that escalates to treachery and finally the overthrow of an epic evil.

The layout of the adventure is well done and easy to follow. I did not find myself getting lost or having to backtrack through the module to keep the narrative on track. Mixed in with the adventure are some helpful storyteller tips (such as using flashbacks) that are helpful to a novice GM like myself.

Finally, In addition to the lengthy adventure, there is a 'Book of Lore' section discussing the campaign area of the "Red Desert' in greater detail than in the base 'Beasts & Barbarians' setting book. This contains plenty of detail to create more adventures for your player characters if you aren't ready to leave the region.

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Death of the Tyrant
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