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King for a Day $19.95
Publisher: post world games
by Jason W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/12/2014 17:57:51

Wow! What an amazing product! This sucker is brimming with info on a valley ripe for adventure. There are dozens upon dozens of interesting locales, hundreds of NPCs with hooks and probably nearly 40 plot threads. And the author takes the time to link them all together in an organic, sandbox fashion. He even came up with a system of symbols to indicate when certain things can be triggered, when the intersect each other, or when there is a new stage of an ongoing event.

Don't expect, however, to sit down and be able to take it all in at once. Despite that exact warning in the intro, I found myself really excited as I read about the local environment (it is described in wonderful and colorful detail) ... then confused. What the hell were the PCs SUPPOSED to do?!? Then it hit me. They aren't SUPPOSED to do anything!

This entire setting has hundreds of possibilities of adventure, but nothing MUST be done. Nor is any NPC is considered untouchable. I've always heard sandboxes are hard to write. After seeing this, I can see why. This puppy is dense, but man is it good.

If you are looking for the mini-novellas that the popular adventure paths are, you might find yourself disappointed. My group though has never been able to finish one because as great as they are with an exciting campaign hook, we ultimately find them to rigid for player agency. If you like sandboxes, however, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this one!

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King for a Day
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