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Jadetech: Red Jade $2.99
Publisher: Reroll Productions
by Christopher R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/04/2014 14:44:03

As the second installment of the Jadetech series, Red Jade has some very big shoes to fill, following Green Jade. Green jade is versatile and widely used, while red jade is more specific in its uses. Overall, the book is really well done, with the high quality writing and art that I've come to expect from Reroll Productions. If you've read Green Jade, the introduction to Red Jade will be a pleasant surprise, and if you haven't read Green Jade, you should.

The history and evolution of how red jade was found and first used is great for story fodder, and excellent background that helps you delve deeper into the history of the world. Even small things like how powdered red jade was originally used as gunpowder and later turned into solid-state cartridges shows how the ingenuity of the peoples of Jadepunk are striving to make things better.

The assets provided are just what one would expect from a book about explosive jade: guns and grenades. Surprisingly, there is a red jade melee weapon, and a mastercrafted bow for playing violin. The last one goes to show how red jade can be used for emotional expression, and lets you know that it's not all about blowing stuff up.

However, I was disappointed in the lack of red jade infusions. I may have read too much Harry Dresden, but the two infusions I was hoping to see didn't even warrant a mention: a lust potion, and a potion of energy—after all, red jade is the jade of courage and power. Besides, Red Jadebull potion is just too good a name to pass up!

The lack of infusions is the only thing preventing a 5 out of 5 review. The rest of the book is awesome, and exactly what I expected and wantrf from the red jade book. Definitely a positive addition to my digital "bookshelf."

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Jadetech: Red Jade
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