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Distant Vistas $4.95
Publisher: Draken Games
by Sean M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/07/2014 17:37:47

I started a Savage Worlds space campaign pretty much off the cuff one weekend without having done any work ahead of time to build a cohesive game world. As I wasn't expecting to go beyond a single session, the fact that my group really liked the adventure caught me pretty much completely off guard. I grabbed Distant Vistas between sessions and based a lot of my game world on the material therein. The information presented in it is detailed enough to offer a GM a good foundation. However, there's a lot left open as well which gives me a certain sense of freedom to flex and bend things as I see fit. Overall, I think most people who purchase this will find it isn't a professional-grade product, but enjoy and be able to make good use of it nonetheless. Don't expect to have a 100% complete campaign world, but anticipate a solid foundation upon which to build. Also, it doesn't contain any GM-only secrets so the players can browse the individual articles to get a feel for the overall flavor without finding any spoilers.

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Distant Vistas
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