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Shanghai Vampocalypse (Savage Worlds) $24.99
Publisher: Savage Mojo
by Dustin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/19/2014 16:21:44

Let me start off by saying Savage mojo had a very good idea, unfortunately if came up short in my opinion for a few simple reasons.

Lets start off with what I like about the product.

  1. The history and setting are intense and dire; you feel and know the world is in a desperate place and there is no way to escape from it.
  2. The Horror aspect of the campaign was done right, with slow build up and gradually increasing danger you and the PC's are sucked into the story.
  3. The martial arts sections is a good resource (but requires some tweaking) for those players who have attempted to play a martial artist and found it impossible.

Now what I don't like

  1. The Suzerien setting; my biggest qualm with Shanghai Vampocalypse is that you are required to use the Suzerien Continuum. If you're not familiar with this it's a system that adjust the rules of Savage worlds in order to allow your characters to play as “Demi-God's”
  2. Lack of adaptability; this is really tied back to point one, but its a key factor for me. The Suzerien setting changes aspects of game play such as power points, due to this it's more difficult to import stock characters from supplements.
  3. The Lack of maps; while it is true most people can make their own several of these locations are very specific, and because of that I feel that Savage Mojo should have included at least one or two key areas.

Currently I'm working to adjust the campaign to allow regular game play. I'm doing this by tweaking some of the characters in the campaign to fit into Interface Zero 2.0. So while I feel that it has a great deal of merit I'm not sure that it was worth the full price I paid. My advice would be to keep it in your wish list and wait for a price reduction (like the Savage September Sale) strip out the Suzerien rules and apply the campaign to another cyber-punk setting like Interface Zero 2.0 by Gun Metal Games or Daring tales of the Sprawl by Triple Ace Games.

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Shanghai Vampocalypse (Savage Worlds)
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