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Future Armada: Exeter $2.95
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by Roger W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2014 16:40:07

A Serenity-esqe ship, this is vessel is a little smaller than what would be an economically feasible freighter in real life, but it served well as an interstellar archeologists team's vessel seeking relics from lost civilizations. Picture Indiana Jones in space, and you get the idea. While it mostly served as a sci-fi SUV, it was characterful enough to serve as a location for a gunfight or two. And it had to fight off an awakened Ancient army, returning to harvest the new crop of species to eat. It had help from an Orion vessel and a squadron of Drake's, of course, (See those products), but it survived. Mostly.

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Future Armada: Exeter
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