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by vinz w. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/09/2014 08:45:51

(oups, I posted that in the "discussion" part instead of here..

I'm currently making "my own" rpg adventure for my niece and nephew (7 and 5) since they couldn't stop rolling my rpg dices. I made them short improvised stories making them roll D20, D8 or D4 and they loved this "rpg introduction" so much than I finally gave them a dice set each. I read firstfable and am reading herokid as well to take what I like best in both games, but what bugs me is that both games use only 6 sided dices... That's a shame, since most parents introduce rpg to their kids because they play themselves (so they must have dice sets, right ?).

That would be my only critic here since both games seem really nice. I particularly LOVED the part in FirstFable rules about avoiding stereotypes (your characters sheet are quite binary though, the faerie is a girl, the knight a boy... I added a prince faerie and a knightress as well on mine lol) I like the fact FirstFable isn't combat centered (which seem to be the case for Herokid :/)

In a few words : Great great game, thank you for having made that, if I could make some suggestions it would be :

  • a boy/girl version of each character class (your drawings are very nice!)
  • using RPG dices (without needing to change the math system)
  • adding "disabilities" (I don't like this word) I think it's nice to sensibilize children to differences as handicap, blindness, deafness etc :) and it can totally be included in a heroic-fantasy world :)

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